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JavaScript Training Course

In today's world of Web Application Development, responsiveness and rich user experience are the key factors which decide a loyal user base. There are various JavaScript Frameworks which help a developer to create highly interactive and enhaced web pages with excellent client-side processing capability. At Source Code Treasure, we train and prepare our students to be well versed with core JavaScript as well as the most popular JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks. Some of these are as follows:

JQuery: Jquery library has been introduced as a blessing for developers who need to work a lot on JavaScript. It reduces the overall effort required to achieve a functionality using a condensed and simplified syntax which is very developer friendly.

AngularJS: It is a framework which is supported by google and has an extraordinarily large following amongst developers. AngularJS simplifies the task of building dynamic views and Single Page Applications by providing a rich framework for Data Binding, Ajax Calls, Modules and Routing.

BootStrap: Bootstrap, from Twitter. is an excellent framework for Front-End developers as it provides the base for creating highly responsive and intuitive User Interfaces. It is easy to use and saves the UI developer a lot of time by providing out of the box APIs.

Apart from the frameworks and libraries mentioned above, we train you to learn any new frameworks by providing a solid base on Core JavaScript along with popular design patterns.

JavaScript Course Structure

Name of the Topic Duration
javaScript Course structure - Total course duration: 72 hours
Introduction to Object Oriented JavaScript 4 hours
Advanced Object Oriented JavaScript 12 hours
JavaScript for the User Interface - Web Forms 12 hours
JavaScript Events 8 hours
JQuery 12 hours
AngularJS 16 hours
Bootstrap 8 hours

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