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.NET Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Training Course

ASP.NET is a web development framework for building dynamic websites, web applications using HTML, CSS and server side scripting.It is built using the Common Language Runtime(CLR) which allows the programmers to build web applications using any language supported by the .NET framework.

ASP.NET currently supports three different development models: Web Pages, MVC and Web Forms.

Our ASP.NET Web Pages courses will help you to combine client side mark up, scripts and server code using the latest razor markup syntax.

Our MVC training classes will help you to create applications with more developer control. If you want to take control of your ASP.NET applications, MVC is for you !!

ASP.NET Web Forms is the traditional development model and it is still the most popular model. Our courses will help you to learn the internals of ASP.NET, controls, databinding etc.

.NET WPF Course Structure

Name of the Topic Duration
ASP.NET Course structure - Total course duration: 94 hours
Introduction to ASP.NET 4.0 4 hours
Web Forms and Controls 12 hours
Building database driven Web sites using ADO.NET 12 hours
Data Binding and Rich Data Controls 8 hours
State Management and Caching 4 hours
Themes and Master Pages 4 hours
ASP.NET Security, Authentication, Authorization and Membership 8 hours
Reusability with User controls and Custom controls 10 hours
Building Web Portals with Web Parts 4 hours
ASP.NET Ajax and Javascript 12 hours
Introduction to ASP.NET MVC 8 hours
Introduction to XAML and Silverlight 8 hours

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