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.NET Workflow Foundation Training Course

Windows Workflow Foundation is one of the major pillars of the .NET Framework. Although workflow has appeared in Microsoft technologies in the past, it has generally been implemented as a one-off solution specific to a product such as BizTalk or Microsoft Content Management Server. With the release of Windows Workflow Foundation, Microsoft is providing a general use, extensible API for developing process- or workflow-based software solutions.

Workflows coordinate work performed by people and software. Workflows coordinate work performed by people and software.Workflows are long running and stateful. Workflows are based on extensible models. Workflows are transparent and dynamic throughout their lifecycle.

Windows Workflow Foundation, sometimes called Windows WF, was developed by Microsoft to provide developers with a single platform on which to develop workflow- or process-based software solutions.

.NET WWF Course Structure

Name of the Topic Duration
.NET WWF Course structure - Total course duration: 36 hours
An Introduction to Workflow and Windows Workflow Foundation 2 hours
Activities 6 hours
Workflow Hosting, Execution, and Communication 4 hours
Runtime Services 4 hours
Activity Development - Advanced Concepts 6 hours
Rules 2 hours
State-Machine Workflows 8 hours
Exceptions, Faults, and Debugging 4 hours

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